A pollution free atmosphere 1 ½ kms from Bangalore International Airport Road on Bagalur Main Road (see location map) is provided at Yashasvi. The 1 acre campus has a large courtyard for daily assembly and other functions and a field large enough for outdoor sports activities like Basket ball, Volley ball, including a Cricket Pitch.

Classroom and Lab facilities are provided on three floors, with plans for future vertical expansion.

YASHASVI’S knowledge management has been set up to support both the staff and students. The knowledge manager, The Librarian, can suggest websites and books for project work, additional reading material for concepts and to help with reading list. The knowledge manager facilitates and nurtures information and reading.

The Yashasvi Library is considered the temple of further learning which contains books, Cd-roms, and DVDs that cover a wide range of subjects to satisfy the natural curiosity of the child and the urge to learn. The collections are also designed to support the curriculum

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