Founders Message

Yashasvi Vidyanikethan is the result of a promise I made to my father, the late Sri. G.Lakshmiah: I will give back to society something substantial and creditable to perpetuate his memory.

The Yashasvi Vidyanikethan is run by “G.Lakshmiah Educational Trust which was started on 3rd November 2003 with a definite purpose to benefit the backward and downtrodden people without discrimination, most importantly in the field of education.

The desire in my heart was to start an educational Institution to impart learning for all sections of people and specially to backward and downtrodden ones with free tuition facilities in order to prepare our children to succeed in the challenging circumstances presented by an interdependent and composite world which is changing at an exceptional pace. We started with Adult Education and free tuition for less privileged Children. In 2008 the G.Lakshmiah Trust took a decision to start a school with the CBSE syllabus in view. The foundation was laid and construction begun in 2008 and the school was inaugurated on 5th June for the academic session 2009-10.
Within the span of past nine years, with god’s grace and the blessings of my parents Yashasvi Vidyanikethan is the result of my realisation that education is the means to achieve higher dimensions of life like broadmindedness, universal outlook and the tool to acquire the wisdom to discern the good from the bad., I have been able to nurture this institution to this level with the help from many friends and well-wishers.

I am specially grateful to the Principal, Mrs. Mini Johny, M.A.,Eng, M.A Hist, M.Ed., M Phil.,(Ph.D) for her dedication and commitment to the institution, and the teaching staff as well as the administrative staff for all the assistance they have given in realizing my dreams about this institution: Yashasvi.

My specific thanks go to the parents and well –wishers in helping me in this service to society.

L. Chandrashekar
Dharmadarshi/Managing Trustee

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