Co-Curricular Activities

YASHASVI conducts various co-curricular activities as part of the curriculum. Thus a spirit of healthy competition is developed among the children.


1. To give children ample opportunities for self expression.
2. To teach social co-operation by providing experience in group living
3. To make children aware of their social responsibilities.
4. To prepare children for better leadership and fellowship
5. To develop in children high standards of aesthetic sense, ethics, discipline, sportsmanship and social spirit.
6. To give them training in democratic citizenship.


Literary Activities: Public speaking and formal debating are the two main forms of oral expression in which systematic training is given. Inter-house activities are held like Declamation, Debate, drama, painting for which training is given to the students.

The curriculum includes specialized Sports Training under the supervision of highly qualified coaches to all the students of the school from Class I, in any of the following games as per the choice of the child: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Volley Ball and Yoga. Every Annual Sports Day is etched in the memory of all Yashasvites as well as in the minds of parents as participation is total: almost all students, take part, in one event or other. Every year Sports Day is celebrated with great fervor and joy in a friendly and healthy atmosphere, with goals set high in the true spirit of sports. During the Annual sports Day, sporting events are held, drawing the parents and even grandparents into the fun, through special events for them, thus enhancing the camaraderie to a great extent.


A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is a universally acceptable dictum. Keeping that in view Yashasvi Provides Yoga training to students to improve their concentration, memory power, and body-mind coordination that help in their overall development.


This again is a discipline that helps graceful coordination of body movements that go a long way in building self-confidence and social acceptance. Students are trained in the basic movements that are rhythmic and in consonance with music, both instrumental and vocal . They are trained to perform individually as well as in groups.


The house system forms the basis of all competitions in the school. It promotes team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. The school is divided into four houses after the names of the rivers i.e. Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra and Cauvery. Each house is under the charge of House tutors and has its own House captains and prefects who are responsible for the tone of discipline in that House. Students compete for the inter-house competitions, demonstrating their talents and skills, to bring glory to their respective houses, and each house is encouraged to excel one another in healthy and friendly competition in athletic academic, cultural and extracurricular activities.


Every YESHASVITE is given leadership position in the lower classes and progresses to a school leadership position at high school level. Conduct, discipline, responsibilities and accountability are developed as the year progresses. Each leadership position has a job description and parameters on how a staff member monitors and evaluates them. All students will be given a leadership position on a rotational basis.


Outdoor excursions and school picnics are conducted periodically. This provides the children an exposure to the outside world, often broadening their vision. Another aspect of these activities is to provide venue for proper behavior outside the school environs. Field trips are basically in conjection with class room learning.

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