Lab Facilities

Manipulative Learning Center

Mathematical skills form an essential requirement in the modern world and we aim to help our children enjoy the subject and develop confidence in their ability to use it in a range of different settings. Our children spend at least one hour per day working at this centre using the Numeric Strategy. Puzzles and brain teasers help the children understand the concepts of time, space, shape, money, measures, algebra and graphical representations.

World of Discovery

This is a unique learning space that is designed to arouse curiosity, stimulate creativity and promote enquiry in students. It is a centre equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, i.e. a composite lab . Many concepts that are taught in the classroom are reinforced in various ways at the discovery zone. For example, planting a sapling can be an activity conducted in small student groups. This experiment encourages students to develop scientific skills of observation, predicting, inferring and recording information as they study the effects of water, soil and sunlight on growing plants. The information gathered can be recorded, analyzed and circulated to the other student groups.

AV Room

Yashasvi also provides an AV room, with overhead projector and PowerPoint facilities . A good collection of Cassettes and Cds and DVDs enhance the sensorial learning process of the children.

Activity Room

An activity room entirely dedicated for the Yashasvi Pre-school kids attuned to hands-on-experience through ply way method livens the activities of the blossoming minds.

Resource center/Computer Lab

The school has a well resourced information unit through dedicated hi-speed internet connection. Children have access to the lab and work in a variety of ways; using word-processing, database, graphic presentations, power-point and desktop publishing.

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